A modern consulting platform
for your modern needs
With our platform, you can enjoy your freedom
while remaining on the safe side of the die.

Our company serves as a sales channel for project selection and improvement concerning individuals that take on the role as consultants, independent freelancers and owners of small consulting companies.

Through our moderated platform, we assist experts by providing features to help them create consulting projects ready to be viewed and purchased by clients on our online catalogue. This allows consultants to earn their desired revenue while simultaneously reinforcing their customer base and strengthening their personal brand.

Unique Advantages

Your Brand

At CAPRICONIANS, we encourage our consultants to maintain their independence and self-identity. By creating and sustaining your brand with us, we support you in the process by presenting your projects in our online shop under your brand.

Your Clientele

With our platform, you’ll solidify your relationship with your customer base and acquire new customers from different sized corporations. Because your customers can find your project portfolio here, they can conveniently order your project portfolio in the online shop.

Your Market Value

Customers will request to work with you on projects that you know and love. By following through with these requests, not only are you able to improve your advisory skills, but your market value will grow as a result.

You are a freelancer and an entrepreneur. 

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How does CAPRICONIANS differ from personnel service providers?


  • Free registration
  • Inclusion of consultant profile in database
  • Mediation of project orders
  • Support towards promoting your own brand
  • Active marketing and sales of your projects
  • Leisure to create your own topics/projects
  • Ability to determine your own the price of projects yourself
  • Ability to expand customer base
  • Support for project management
  • Consistent moderation of the process
  • Resolving disagreements amongst customers
Why should I register with CAPRICONIANS?

By registering with CAPRICONIANS, you will take another step towards building your personal brand.

After signing up, you can start by specifying your skills and references so that customers can view what you can do and which projects you stand for.

You can submit your projects on the online shop afterwards and expect to get into contact with new clientele. After the project is carried out, you will receive personal feedback from customers regarding their experience from working with you. As a consultant, this tool is helpful because it allows you to understand your areas of improvement to provide quality service for your next projects.

Why should I offer my projects at a fixed price?

The fixed-price project model provides many advantages for you as an expert.

  • By adopting this model, you can recycle project descriptions, methods, and assets that are linked your project portfolio as opposed to altering the information per request. This allows your job to flow faster and for you to benefit from efficiency gain, a process where individuals send out little input and receive great output, both consistently and securely.
  • This design guarantees experts the luxury to work freely on projects by determining when and where they chose to complete their work. Because our advisors do not get paid a daily rate, they feel less confined to working specific hours every day, 7 days a week.
  • At CAPRICONIANS, we ask that our advisors cut their projects into small increments. This allows the execution process to become more manageable and for the fixed price model to generate at its fullest potential.
What does passive income mean?

Making money effortlessly is now achievable. You can empower others to successfully carry out projects using your methods and tools, generating additional income through revenue sharing.

What do I do if I have further questions?

You can reach out to us by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via WhatsApp +49 163 786 87 33. We customarily respond back within short hours.

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