Our Offer
When working with CAPRICONIANS, we present our clients with a modern platform that offers direct contact with top consultants and IT specialists to accommodate towards enhancing the growth of your company.


Integrated platform for the execution of your projects from the idea and requirements, to sourcing and delivering results


We do a freelancer background check, we support you to get your projects defined and structured in an agile manner. We provide you tendering services so that you can source your project.

Project Catalogue

Our online project catalog is composed of various order-ready projects that were successfully carried out by independent consultants and niche providers.

Elite Advisors

We provide C-Level advisors, IT experts, digital natives, as well as senior consultants with first class references.

Your Strategic Advantages
You can implement individual projects on our platform at short notice.
More Agility

Our platform can be used as an effective engine for your agile cultural change. Our provided features allow you to achieve structure and speed for your agile transformation process.

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More Performance

Thanks to the efficiency and simplicity of our platform, you can now recover valuable capacities from your employees. The variety of methods and procedures for projects costs more than 30 percent time of your experienced employees. With our platform, you can expand your capacities - even without hiring new ones.

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More Security

From the search and selection of external consultants, to commissioning and billing, our company guarantees security by monitoring the entire process for you.

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More Transparency

Achieve greater transparency and better management of decentralized projects right down to national companies. With our platform, you can optimally combine lean governance with agile and decentralized structures.

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How can I commission projects?
  1. If you have a concrete project in mind with clear requirements, then submit your project enquiry online and get the right offer.
  2. If you would like to get project ideas, you can browse our project catalogue and select the right project. Adapt the project to your needs if necessary and receive an offer.
  3. If you need advice to define your project first, please call us or simply send a request.
Will I be advised if I have any questions?

Definitely. On our website, you can arrange a consultation appointment to speak to any of our consultants according to your availability at any given time.

What kind of projects can I find in the online shop?

In our online project catalogue, you will find a variety of projects in the field of sales and marketing, organization and processes, purchasing, IT, HR, as well as data protection and compliance.

What is a “predefined project module”?

Experienced consultants break down complex projects, e.g. "Cloud Transformation" into individually constructed project modules that can be easily manipulated. This allows you to engage in a project step by step, rather than taking on a much more intricate approach.

What do I do if I have further questions?

Feel free to contact us at any time. We are at your disposal via phone, email, and WhatsApp.

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